What’s Cooking in Your Kitchen?

Turkey leftovers – I just made Soup – Healthy and Simple. Do you have a favorite turkey dish that you use for recipes? Back to the Harmony & Balance – Turkey Soup Reigns in my kitchen.

Next on tap is toffee bars.  Just a little brown sugar, flour, eggs – top with melted Chocolate and chopped nuts.  Looks Outstanding and actually quite beautiful and Makes Me Look Like a Kitchen Diva!

If you want my recipe – just email me – you too can be a Kitchen Diva!

February – Spring is Here? Well my yard is very confused.  But we’re moving on to a Great March.  West Hartford Center is Hoping – yeh – people are out walking around and stopping in my office – Center is Very alive.




2 thoughts on “What’s Cooking in Your Kitchen?

  1. Roasted potatoes are the latest – that’s with Thyme. Bake on cookie sheet with a little Olive oil – Winner – All that satisfaction of French Fries.

    Disappointing Note – NO SUPERMOON LAST NIGHT. Way to Cloudy – Camera and I were ready – Back to the Kitchen.

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