Rosie the Riverter

You Can Do It – Yes you Can.  Rosie the Riverter is the Symbol of Empowered Women.  While so many young men joined ranks to Serve our Country – Women stepped up to the plate – Big Time. 

Let Rosie be your Inspiration not to be Intimidated – Man – Woman – Teenager!  WE CAN DO THIS. Being ready can make the Difference between a Minor Repair and the Major Repair –

You Can Do It


CAN’T  Is Not in Your Vocabulary

I am  Realtor – I Can Do It, You Can Too. The Right Tools, Experience and Good Direction are all You Need. I Can Empower You to Make a Good Decision.


Tools – Toilet Overflowing – Now what do you do? Turn off the Water

Tools are your Best Friends- Find them quick & Easy.

House Emergency? Where to you Go First? Best Friends of course, not just the People Kind. Emergencies the past year have caught many people of Guard – Get Empowered and Be Ready.

I have tools as well. I am a Realtor and have Many Tools. My tools are Experience & lots of it. Every deal is very unique – as varied as the tools on the wall.

Home Improvement

Tools Organized “Ready”

In Case you Missed It – Ready & Able to Make the Move. 

Seller – Your Attention Matters. Once a Buyer sees this Workbench and tool setup – Buyer now knows that this Seller Cares and Maintains the Property –   ADDS VALUE TO YOUR PROPERTY  -

West of Hartford’s Pause Moment – Mamma Bear & Cub

 Reach for the Sky – You Can Do It –

Nature Gives us another Reason to Pause ****

Reach for the Sky

Touring – are you Touring for a Place to Home? West of Hartford is Great for Tourists but BEST for a HOME.  Had a Black Bear Touring in my yard Sunday – Mamma had to tend to the youngin for a bit – so “little city” or Burbs – Nature is still alive and make us all feel at Home and a bit comforted – perhaps just best to Pause for a minute – – -